Friday, March 7, 2008

WSOP Steps... Great post on 2+2

" I start at both steps 4 and 5, I've just been playing these steps while doing schoolwork. I just run PT, and sharkscope people prior to the sit and go. I don't join tables with a bunch of very good regs (though I have by accident).There's alot of scared money in the step 6's and I just abuse that, and I did a bunch of ICM work on SNGPT for these kinds of steps. People tend to crack, and tilt when 3 handed and HU, and I just take advantage of it because I don't care nearly as much as they do.If you're someone starting at step 1 I suggest following a system where you have to have multiple tickets to the next step before you play it. Say you start at step 1 - I'd say have 7 step 2's before you play Step 2, 6 Step 3's, 5 Step 4s, 4 Step 5s, and 3 Step 6s. You'll be far more confident, and you're likely to play much better when the stakes get very high. Also, you yourself should not take the small bubbles into account @ Step 6(0-500,500-1000,1000-1500), they matter a bit, but they are insignificant compared to 1500-12500, and alot of decent SNG players have a hard time disregarding money bubbles almost completely. "

Running bad and feelin worse

To say I have been running bad for the last 2 weeks is an understatement.

I have not cashed in a significant tourney in almost three weeks. I am emotionally wrapped up in a ball of frustartion. If a bad beat is possible I think I am creating them for myself.

"Maverick, Engage..................Engage!"

"Engage, Dammit!"

Warp 9.9.