Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Have A Plan

1. I signed uo for PokerXFactor.

will watch bax vid and commentaries on final three table play in deep tournies.


2. requested Han histories for my wins in June.
I want to compare my plays i was making then compared to how hard i am pushing now.

3. I will play this evening then NO online poker til sunday or monday.

Thank you virge for the idea!!

thank you everyone for your kind words..............................

the next blog post................................................... will be :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Has Anyone seen the Closer?

PokerStars Tournament #56066119,
No Limit Hold'emBuy-In: $10.00/$1.00
1653 players
Total Prize Pool: $66240.00
Tournament started - 2007/07/24 - 22:00:00 (ET)

Dear SpreadicuS,

You finished the tournament in 25th place.

A $284.84 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

You earned 163.50 tournament leader points in this tournament.For information about our tournament leader board, see our web site at

So there it is. Another deep run in a difficult tourney.

6 hours of playing solid poker to get down to the final three tables and attempt to make a move on the chipleader who has zero chance to fold.

I truly believe I am having some type of mental backlash after the month I had in June.

In June I had no problem closing.

In June I made it to the final three tables 11 times

I win six times.
I placed 4-9th 3 times.
I placed 9-27th 3 times. (one of those being a 14th place finish in the 500k).

There was no premature final table evacuation. :)

These days it is a common occurrence.

I July I have ZERO final tables!

I have 5 finishes between 10-45.
And one finish in 110 in Sunday Million.

I am not showing the mental strength to will myself to victory as I did in June. what does that mean?

How do yo all keep your eye on the prize. In June I had two major driving forces.

1. To play the WSOP I need 30k in profit. (Done)
2. I need to beat Virge in our TLB bet. (Done ***barely).

I need the proper motivation to start off August right?

Any ideas?


Shoutout to the smiling SODApop Soul for a thirs place finish ion the 100 rebuy on stars.
It was probably the toughest final table I have ever seen. She held down her end of the table and ROCKED the HOUSE!

SWEEEEEEEET Job and Congrats.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The three Important Poker Questions that are haunting my brain

1. What does it take to consistently win online?

2. Why do I feel like i must make self destructive moves in tournies when I know what the right move has to be?

3. Why do I feel the need to threaten my Bankroll constantly by playing outside my bankroll?

when I have these three answered I know my poker life will feel concrete, consistent and a final table of a mojor live event will be in my future.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

100 left in the Stars Million

After the flop my mind had drifted to the life changing Final table of the Stars Million...

so fucking gross

needless to say AA < J10.


i am lucky to have wonder family and great friends!

thank you!

Friday, July 20, 2007

OH the Bubble Boy

Let's get down and dirty on the definition of BUBBLE BOY.

Who out there wants to be the bubble boy..........................................................................................?

What is the difference between making the final table and being the one left on the street kivked to the curb per say.

well last night I was the bubble boy.

It was a rought night at the tables for dear old RUBBA.
tournied I lost before 2nd break.
Full Tilt:
150 + 15 55k G
30 (Rebuy)

150 + 15 100k G
20 (rebuy)
10 (rebuy)

so for the night I was - $750 on tournies and ~ -$100 on assorted satellites

well since I am running SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOt....
I should play the incredibly difficult 30k on tilt while ON TILT.

A little history. (per
Out of 9 entries

I have a 9th, 13th, 26th and...........................................




which paid a whopping $895.00

to make myself a grand total of $45.00 profit on the day.
8 hours of play at 6 dollars an hour! SICK :)

Busted out to Apestyles (who took it down)

My 66 not good enough to beat his 85 AIPF (8 on the river)

The moral of the story is. Once i blew up in assorted tounries enough to see a potentially very -ev day I focus played good poker and made a small profit.

I need to close. I have bubbled three tournies in a row.
If this were last month it would have been three FT's in a row.

Time to step it up. Ona whim I purchased I had better start putting up some results. ASAP!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

WSOP INTRO ~ To the Recap Part 1

So I Did not make the Final table of the main event.



I can say that I might have had unfair expectations, but it is just like me to think I can sit down at the main event and have no problem going deep.

The main facts I learned was.

I have never played live poker.
Live poker is not a race there is no need to hurry.
I do have the skills to go deep.
There is nothing to be afraid of.

My wife, mother and baby walked me as far as they could towards the amazons room.

The Senator D’Amato came out to speak on behalf of online gambling and the repeal of anti-poker legislation. He spoke well and enthusiastically.

The he uttered the words I had been waiting my life to hear.

“Shuffle Up and Deal”.

Table 142 seat 3.

I sat down at my fist table and did not recognize anyone. Seat one was empty and then filled by who I believed was john Murphy (ESPN 2005 fame).

I told him he look kinda familiar. He said “It must have been from that episode of Cops I was on.” HAHA.

Then the poker began…………………….

Monday, July 9, 2007


Rubba is out. Set over set. :(

Day 1 Picture Updates

Stack Update

20k Chips, 200/400 blinds. tough table.

4:22 PST Text Message from Rubba

From Phone message: Randy Jensen and the owner of Martin's Poker are at his table.
It's Game time!

My daughter is wearing her daddy's girl onsey and I am wearing my proud daddy #1 t-shirt with Hawaiian party shirt over.

I brought long gold chain that was my grandmother's with on which my grandfathers rings hangs upon. My grandfather is the standard too which I base my life the shoes I have always wanted to fit. Today I hope to ring a piece of his fire along with to the tables.

Great breakfast with my wife, mother and baby.

Time to hit the gym, a dip in the pool and then...........................................

I get to hear.

"Shuffle up and Deal".

There will be no weak sissie at the table. This will be a day of chip building with my #1 goal.

Taking a PLAYABLE stack to day 2.

Let's go!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Rocky theme song is playing in my head.......

It's the eye of the tiger the cream of the crop.......

Table 142.
Seat Three.

I found my table with the help of many.

Not only is my table NOT is the outside tent. It is on the rail of spectators with my back directly to the rail.

My mother, wife and friends............ YES YOU ALL

can come and peak over my shoulder as we work on amassing chips.

I am nervous, excited and quite a bit nauseous. :(

I met and chatted with author/player michael craig! Great guy!

Also spewed chips at the blackjack table with ESPN poker writer/producer Andrew Felman.
Very nice guy! He said that if your table gets chosen for a feature table you will be shipped 10k in endorsement offer...............................

lets all say together.............FEATURE TABLE!

Cheers all post more later.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Pix: World Series Banner

Pix: Registration

Pix Message Received Friday, July 6, 10:25 pm Central.

Friday, July 6, 2007

World Series OF Poker............

Starting Day #4.

table draw:
table 142
seat: 3! (3 is the magic number)

Hopefully we will have many days worth of update of the joy that pwining the world series!

Let me just say........................In my most sappy way.

On Monday July 9th I get to fulfill my dream of playing in the World Series Main Event.

For three years I have stayed up late grinding online tournies and laid in bed fantasizing about hearing the shuffle up and deal and watching the cards fly to initiate the WSOP.

For many reasons this is a benchmark moment for me. I can honestly say that besides my wedding day and the birth of my child this is one of the happiest moments of my life.
There are truly very few things that in life that light up your soul and make you feel more alive then setting a goal and following through.

I am a cocky son of a bitch at times and have more confidence in myself than i probably should.


I WANNA TEST myself in the PREMEIR poker event in the world.

I get to fucking do that on monday. (rubba might cry).

my wife gave me the oppurtunity to fully commit myslef to mplaying poker for the month of june.

The below stats are represented by 95 % of play in june.


Biggest Cash:

Est. Buyins:

Average Cash:


Biggest Buyin:

Est. Profit:

Average Buyin:


Return on Investment:


Average Finish:


Average Expectation:

Top Three Rate:


Average Field Size:

Final Tables:

Average Buyins Won:


Total Played:

A HUGE thanks goes out to VIRGE, COMPT, PTP (thanks johnny tech!), ........, REX..... and those players who have my back online.

Thanks to my friends at home that deal with my obsesison! :)

to have people rooting for you at the final table. makes PWNING so much easier!

Virge challenged me to a TLB bet and coupled with my dream of playing the WSOP a reality.
I never knew consistent winning and focus like i felt playing in june.

I know that i can not ever play that kind of volume consistently but it felt soooooooo go to give it a shot and have some success. My family is too important to sacrifice time with them consistent.

Damn it felt goood.

I am a Luckbox and a lucky man!

Virge has offered to post updates of my main event saga may they be long and may the luckbox PWN.

Thank you!