Saturday, August 22, 2009

OK... Ultimate bet beginning the poker comeback!

OK! OK! check 1,2.
i have scrubbed the dust from my shirt-sleeves and performed a double pirouet to shake the rust off. POKER. POKER, POKER, POKER.
My life has been lacking the competitive and challenge that poker brings. I came home from an eleven hour work day and for some reason Ultimate bet came to mind. i try and log into my rubbarose account no avail..... 3 hours on the phone with customer service and on chat, I am informed rubbarose on UB is no more.
buh bye rubba. i cried, I wailed, I shook and I shaked.
then, then I decided it was catharsis time, hello pheonix risinig from the ashes.. I was given some yourney dollars for my efforts.... some sat's and sng's later.
at heater of a .5/1.00 NL 4 buy in win.
I decided it was time to get back to bread and butter. The MTT.
50 dollar entry fee 10k guaranteed KO tounrey. 11 knock outs at 5 dollara a pop. nice!
CL with three to play! K6 <>
This blog is not that much about ending of the tounrey just completely running out of steam in the 5th and sixth hour of the tourney. I had complete control over last two tables, then just got tired, I had woken up 21 hours before and worked and parented all day I was tired. I could have made a cup of coffee or downed an energy drink, but i would have worth nothing come today where we had an important first day at my daughters new preschool.
My newest goal is to prove that I can be a winning successful poker player while completely having my life as a parent and husband in control.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Day FIVE...

think I need to get this pokering lifestyle a-started.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day Three.

poker begins when Day 24 approaches.