Friday, January 29, 2010

Tonight's Schedule! Let's get this Party Started

1. 7 pm 56k (24+2)

2. 730 PM 30k (10R)

3. 8 PM 30k (24+2)

4. 9 pm 46k KO (75)

5. 9 pm MM (11)

6. 9 30 pm 25k (20R)

7. 10 pm 36k (24+2)

Total Buy-in = $257.00

Will post all results and places as night progresses.

Gotta kick start this new POKER year!


cmitch said...

Best of Luck tonight!!!


shail2chouhan said...

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Rubbarose said...

SFOBV. I SHIPPED NADA that night but a whollata min cash-a-rooooooooooni